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Frequently asked Questions

Why do you give such a short timeline?
66 One Acts is designed around a Tennessee Williams challenge where he would write a one act based on a newspaper article in a week. Open ended timelines can lead to procrastination and not getting things DONE. This way we allow enough time to complete the process without too much time for over-thinking.  

What are the rules my play needs to follow?
The only rule/s are: the play needs to be a one act, and it must relate to the prompt sent out.
It is $10 per submitted 1 Act. You are permitted to submit as many based on the prompt as you like.
However, there are some other things you should consider:

  • The plays will be staged in a black box theatre with minimal technical requirements;
  • We love naturalistic storytelling with strong, fully rounded characters which touch on the truthfulness of the human experience;
  • Plays which are less than 25 minutes long are preferred;
  • Large casts are hard to rehearse, six cast members or less is optimal.

If my play gets chosen, can I rewrite and edit it before it is performed? Due to short time frames it’s not possible to rewrite, however it is hoped that the writer will help the director clarify any points in the script and best translate the meaning of the play.  The Director might make minor changes to the script to support the performance.

How does the director and actors get chosen for the plays?
66 Theater Company has a stable of talented directors they will assign to direct the selected plays. Open call auditions will be held for actors with an interest in working with the company.

My play didn’t get chosen, can I find out why?
We do not provide feedback as a matter of course, however if you have questions about the process or why you were unsuccessful you may contact the company at writing@sixtysixtheater.com.

How else do I get involved?
The plays are performed two weeks prior to our main stage productions- come along and support as an audience member! Plus we are always looking for actors, tech people, directors to be involved in the company in any capacity.

If you are interested drop us a line!

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