Acting with 66

Thought-Provoking Theatre in Hollywood California


The Workshop is a space for actors to work on their craft in an ongoing, peer supported and affordable way.

Membership Dues

Only use this service if you are a working member of the Acting with 66 Workshop


It meets every Tuesday from 3-6pm. January-June and September-November at the Lee Strasberg Film and Theater Institute.
Members can join via invitation or auditions. Interested individuals can audit by appointment through the website or by emailing

The cost of the workshop is $50 per month and can be paid by cash or via the website.

Workshop format

The workshop is run by a moderator and a stage manager. The moderator coordinates feedback and notes given by the leadership team (and other members where appropriate). The stage manager is responsible for the administration of the workshop.
In putting up their scene work, actors will always be asked, “What did you work on?” This will help actors place their work within a broader context and help the leadership team give targeted and specific feedback.

Scene work standards
Members should work on at least a scene a month. Actors may work on monologues if their scene partner is absent or they are between scenes, however consistent scene work is the standard of the workshop.
The workshop does not involve a method or system.  We ask that actors utilize their own training in exploring and establishing the nature of the scenes, context, relationships, settings, objectives etc in their private rehearsal time outside of workshop.

Actors are expected to document feedback and apply the notes in consecutive weeks.

Actors can also seek direction from members of the leadership team outside of workshop to maximize learning and growth.

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