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March 14, 12 – 3p.m. My Thing of Love by Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros Please bring your headshot, resume, and a prepared 2-5 minute comedic monologue. Synopsis: It is 1995 in a suburb just outside of Chicago. Elly learns that her husband of 11 years, Jack, is having an affair. Jack’s mistress, Kelly, decides that she needs to convince Elly to let Jack go and be with her because they are in love. While this confrontation happens, Garn, a teacher, appears with disturbing news about Elly’s and Jack’s child. This story is about the noise that life can create and what it takes to hold on to what you actually love. Life is a dark comedy and so is “My Thing of Love.” Elly: Female, to play 28-35. A mother who holds her family together by focusing on what is important. Things like bad coffee, staying in lines, being counted, and noise are irrelevant if you can’t hold on to those you love. Jack: Male, to play 30-40. A father, a businessman, faces that dark time of getting older and finding hair you didn’t know was there. He tries to escape his monotonous life of father, husband, and businessman by having an affair with a younger woman. Kelly: Female, to play 23-30. Kelly, has just lost her brother, who stepped down an elevator shaft as he was saying goodbye to their grandmother. Life happens and Kelly is desperate to find meaning and something worth living for. Garn: Male, to play 25-35. Garn, is the school counselor for Kelly and Jack’s daughter. He needs to visit their home to see if any shenanigans are happening. If there isn’t then he is there to help them address the issues of their daughter and how to fix them.


We don’t have a style or a system or a method. We only ask you hold a mirror to nature A moderator runs the workshop. You will always be asked 2 questions What did you want to work on? What did you want to say with your work?
  • How much?
    • $50 a month
  • Every Tuesday at 2 p.m.
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