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Thought-Provoking Theatre in Hollywood California

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the program?

66 Premieres signifies 66 Theatre Co’s desire to invest in new works and playwrights. It aims to provide the playwright a space and opportunity to develop and stage their work, alongside an experienced director and cast.  

Selection Criteria:

Full length new works are being sought for the company’s Fall performance. There are two specific requirements for submissions:

  1. The play must be set in Los Angeles*.
  2. Premiers only. The play can not have been published or performed.

As well as the above requirements, plays will be assessed for:

  1. To what extent the characters are truthful, strong, complex and fully rounded;
  2. The importance of the story- to what extent it needs to be told now and why;
  3. The quality of the writing in relation to the genre; and
  4. The ability of 66 Theater Company to stage the production including technical requirements, casting, etc.

*Broadly defined to include: Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange and Riverside Counties.
*Plays with a strong female lead are strongly encouraged.

If my play gets chosen, can I rewrite and edit it before it is performed?
Yes! It is expected that the successful writer/s will be working on rewriting and editing the work during the workshop/ rehearsal process, in conjunction with the director and the cast.

Who maintains ownership of the writing?
The writing is maintained as property of the original author.

How does the director and actors get chosen for the plays?
66 Theatre Company has a stable of talented directors they will assign to direct the selected plays.  Open call auditions will be held for actors.

My play has been through a workshop process before, can I apply still?
The play must never have been published and never performed. However, plays which have previously been workshopped (but not performed) are allowed. If you have any questions about eligibility in this regard you can contact us at: writing@sixtysixtheater.com.

How else do I get involved?
We have a range of performances taking place throughout the year- come along and support us as an audience member! Plus we are always looking for actors, tech support, and directors to be involved in the company in any capacity.

If you are interested drop us a line!

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