For The Loyal

Thought-Provoking Theatre in Hollywood California

“You can’t change someone like that. All you can do is make him someone else’s problem.”

Coach Hale

Inspired by the 2011 child sex abuse scandal that saw Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky convicted on forty-five counts of child sexual abuse taking place over a fifteen-year period, Blessing’s 2015 dramatization puts a personal face on those whose lives a sexual predator has touched, each of them with something distinct to say:

Hilty Bowen*
Eddie Alfano*
Danny Martha*
Mark Youngs
Torrey Drake

Paul Rush – Director
Elizabeth Smith – Production
Paul Timmel – Lighting
Trevor Reece – Sound
Kristina Vero – Costume
Sam Bullington – Graphic
Stefon Cromartie – Photography

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