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‘A Behanding in Spokane’ is a dark comedy set in ‘somewhere’ small town America. A man with one hand is desperately searching for his other one! Well, a young couple believe they can help this man for $500. While the ‘hand deal’ is going down at a hotel, the receptionist of said establishment, thinks that something is awry, he’ll need to investigate.
Directed by:

Alyssa and Griffin Devine


Dennis Delsing as Carmichael

Paul Rush as Mervyn*

Hope Quattrocki as Marylin*

DeVon Jackson as Toby

Produced by:

The Sixty-six Theater Co.

Luis Alexander*

Jim Brennan

Kyle Amicucci

It’s in the Works:

As part of our goal to produce new work we have built a program to get our writers, actors and directors working together. If you want to learn more about our new writer’s program reach us here.

*Company Member