It is fall in the midwest, Curt a cop who wants to be a park ranger, is the lead officer in taking down a Naughty but Nice ‘massage parlor.’ The combined efforts of Curt and bumbling partner Doug fail at doing what appears to be an easy job. As the play unfolds we watch Curt and Sandy, a young masseuse from Naughty but Nice strive to identify themselves as something more than their history has dictated. This is a story about fitting in and struggling to define who you actually are. Some people are good at being good and some people are good at being bad.

Blue Cast: 8 p.m.

Eddie Alfano – Curt

Hope Quattrocki – Sandy

Steve Mize – Doug

Whitney Anderson – Beth

Rosie Koocher – Heather

Surge Cast: 8 p.m.

Paul Rush – Curt

Eliza Padden – Sandy

Matthew Callari – Doug

Mia Marcon – Beth

Helen Menafee – Heather

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